I like knowing. I hate guessing. Preparation has always been important for me. I have a hard time when someone tells me to just trust them. I can’t stand the idealism of believing that there is a significant other out there for EVERYONE. What if I’m the exception? I’ve always been told that if I’m patient and adhere to a specific set of values I’ll get “blessed” by someone appearing in my life who fulfills all my hopes and dreams. Bullshit. What if that’s not my path in life? We deal in a world that isn’t full of absolutes. What if I take years to “work on me” and still end up single at the end of the day? I personally know people in this boat. That’s why I want to know my odds. I want to know how my education affects my ability to get married. I want to be able to plan and make a decision instead of it being made for me by circumstance.