The Un-edited Truth of Di


February 2015

The bad about good news

I hate the moments when you have good news or had a great experience and can’t share it because you don’t know anyone who would genuinely be happy for you. It’s definitely not the greatest feeling but it does go away. I’m thankful for chances to better my life and to positively impact those around me but there are times when a true “best friend” would come in handy.


Valentine’s Day Humor

This picture was hilarious. Happy Valentines Day folks. Remember that if you’re not with the one you love, you should love the one you’re with. Not really.


The Boondocks

I’m a fan of a show called The Boondocks. It’s a cartoon that tells the tale of two adolescent boys loving with their grandfather in suburbia. The TV show was originally a comic strip that I used to read religiously on a daily basis. But that’s beside the point. The Boondocks is known for pushing the envelop and discussing topics that are pretty taboo. The thing I love about the shown is the way humor is used as a means of conveying a deeper message. The characters are full of depth and the storylines often expound on some current societal issue as it relates to black people. It’s not a show for kids but it’s still really really good.

Those Intense Friends

As an intense person myself at times, I tend to attract others who are also intense. I have a friend who I’ve known since 2008 who fits the description of an intense individual. We met while doing a summer program together and it was amazing how well we got to know each other after 8 weeks of living together. Now, my friend is an awesome person and the fact that she has the title of “friend” is a testament to that fact. However, she’s a bit intense. When we hang out, the roles are somewhat reversed in that I take more of a caretaker, nurturing, “let’s not get arrested” role and she’s 100% genuine and impulsive living in the moment. She is not afraid to hide any of her emotions and she feels them quite strongly. Hanging out with her is ALWAYS an adventure and she’s great in small doses. It means that there is never a dull moment and that there are plenty of chances to have fun.


I have somewhat of an intense personality and it’s something that I am very aware of. If I meet someone with similar interests as myself and we become friends I am the kind of person who likes to have ongoing conversations that last for months. If I like you I want to spend time with you. I love solitude but I also appreciate meaningful interactions. I find myself invigorated and motivated after a captivating exchange. I also like people who appear somewhat intense as well. It’s fun to verbally spar in a respectful way with other adults without worrying about hurt feelings.

Missing him

There’s a person that I happen to miss a lot today. Common sense might suggest that I call them up and tell them. Yet, the situation is complicated because I’m pretty sure they don’t miss me back and I’d rather not be stuck in that awkward moment of unreturned feelings. But then again, I know that this person is pretty cool and that they’ll probably be ok with being missed. It’s just an awkward risk I’m not 100% comfortable with taking.

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