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April 2015

Changing pace 

Today I’ve learned a lesson that has taken me years to learn. You can’t save everyone. I’m a nurturer by nature and often function in a motherly role because I genuinely care about others. But after years of this behavior coming back to bite me I have decided that the cost of investing myself in these dead end attachments without reciprocation is too much. I’ve paid the price one too many times and finally learned the lesson. When people don’t appreciate you sometimes it means that you have to move on. I’m at a point in my life where that needs to happen. I’m stressed enough without getting my hopes up and wishing someone would care back and actually make an effort. While frustration is obviously present, there’s also disappointment that there are very few true reciprocal relationships. No real give and take. It’s depressing but a clear message that my priorities need to shift. 



This picture is definitely true sometimes. We have to learn to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously all the time. Working in a helping field means that I have to take care of myself and recognize moments when my thoughts don’t make sense and evaluate them. 


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