I’ve come to the realization that sometimes we don’t miss people. We miss the feelings that we had when we were with them. There are some people that can naturally bring out the best in you. You feel like a better version of yourself. You feel safe and happy when you’re with them and as a result you can comfortable being vulnerable. I think that it’s rare to meet these kind of people. While I know they exist, I think their rare-ness makes you appreciate these kind of people more when you find them. We remember how these people make us feel because they have a way of putting us at ease. There’s something comfortable and familiar about their presence. I’ve found that in some twist of fate, many times these people aren’t in close proximity to us. Distance doesn’t always rule in our favor and while the memories may not be as vivid, the corresponding feelings remain untainted in our minds. Sometimes love is a part of the equation and sometimes it isn’t. So to all those who have someone close in proximity to them who makes them genuinely happy and as if they could accomplish anything in the world because they feel emotionally safe, I’m jealous.