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September 2015

Something to consider

I love this quote because it validates using your intuition in day to day life. I believe strongly in mine because I have has to use it quite often. I don’t understand why people decide to ignore it. You have a bad feeling about someone for a reason. Even if you can’t say what that reason is.  



How I feel at times 

I think this picture is pretty self explanatory. I’ve experienced this at one point and I must say that it really sucks. I think that there are people who are just wired for long term relationships. I hate the whole walking away part with such a passion but there’s nothing that I can do about it. But it makes you appreciate the small things to a greater degree and you learn how to be in the moment and enjoy something that will be gone soon. 


A dilemma

Today I’m faced with the dilemma of either having some closure or sleeping. It has forced me to think about what I would regret the most long term. I really like when things can be wrapped up nicely but I realize that not everything will work out that way. I have a chance to say goodbye today to a dream that I’ve had for the last three years. A dream that has seemed to almost be realized before being snatched away right before it was actually in my posession. I put so much time and energy into it and I honestly hate to part ways with it but it must be done. The question is if any addition action is needed on my part. Do I need to see it one last time to get over it? Or am I content to fade into the background with my memories? Should I make one last request for old times sake or has everything that needs to be said already been said? Either way, once again I’m walking away. 


I rarely post songs on this page but for some reason I kinda like this song here by Chris Brown. It’s not the cleanest as far as language but the message is pretty clear. The song isnt super new and alludes to using alcohol as a coping mechanism of sorts. While I don’t agree with that, there is a certain “good time” benefit that can come along with drinking (within reason) and “you know what.” Sorta like a mini vacation of sorts from some of the stressors of life. If done correctly and responsibly of course.

The truth of love

I saw this picture and I really agree with it. I truly think that if you really love someone you don’t ever stop loving them. You just learn to respect their choices and move on with your life. I’ve been asking myself if it’s ever worth it to tell someone you love them if the sentiment is not returned. I don’t think it is. Love is hard enough without setting yourself up for rejection. In my opinion. 


Where is paradise 

I saw this picture and I thought about how true it is. While I love traveling and going to different places, there’s nothing like certain feelings that you get when you’re in a place that you want to be. While I’ll be the first person to admit that being by a beach is really close to my definition of Paradise, I have to say that the feeling of paradise is much better. My definition? Waking up in the morning with the the sun streaming through the window on sheets that have a decent thread count and turning over to see the sleeping peaceful face of someone who you love, respect, and admire and knowing that they feel the same way. Nothing like it. 


Where I’d rather be 

Today would be such a lovely day to spend on the beach. I’m stressed and there’s so much to do and a break from it all would be nice. It’s been too long since I’ve been close to a body of water but thankfully there’s a trip planned soon.  


What do you do?

What do you do when you finally get what you’ve wanted for years for a very short period of time and you have to walk away? I still haven’t figured out the answer to that question and I suppose it won’t come soon. I daresay that it may not come at all. I think the walking away thing is one of the hardest things to do because it signifies distance and portrays something in the actions that the heart is against. It’s awkward,difficult,and painful. But it’s ok. It really is. Cherish the moments and don’t regret anything. 

First impressions 

Yesterday I ran across and old journal of mine from last summer. While I wasn’t successful in being as consistent as I wanted, it was still insightful to remember what was going on during that time. I wrote down some things related to a person that I met last summer. I had an initial good impression of the individual because they were friendly but also seemed very genuine at the same time. We had some great conversations and I noted that I hated to part ways because I wanted to know more about them. Fast forward to this summer where my wish came true. Looking back I realize how import at that first impression was. I believe in intuition and something told me that the individual could be trusted and I enjoyed spending time with them to the point that the goodbye really sucked. But all good things have to come to an end right? 

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