Around this time every year I get nostalgic. In a few days I’ll be a year older and I always wonder what I’ve been doing. This year the birthday wish is the same its been for the last decade. I want to wake up next to a significant other and spend the day with them. This has never happened for many reasons. Maybe because distance is always a factor or because this stars have never quite aligned. I start another aspect of my career soon and there are times that I wish my life was shared with someone else. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m grateful but I still think about how things could be. I learned about myself this year. I had to open my mouth and speak up for what I wanted. While the feeling of loneliness is something I’ve become comfortable with, there are times when I feel it more actutely. Just like any other human being. Sometimes knowing what it could be like isn’t comforting because you know what you’re missing. Either way,life goes on.