I’m convinced that the first week after a breakup is the worst. You’re still going between the various schedules of grief and mourning the relationship but also mourning what could have been. You’ve gotten used to someone and they’ve filled a certain place in your life. The future without them seems even more bleak because you were hoping against hope that they would be a part of it. You want to tell them that you miss them and that you’re sorry it turned out this way but you know it’ll make it worse. The sound of their voice or rather even thinking about the sound of their voice is enough to reduce you to tears because the wound is still raw. It’s still bleeding. You halfheartedly promised to remain friends but deep down inside you know it’ll never be the way it was again. You found someone you could live with who you could tell your random thoughts to and now that person is gone and there’s no one to tell. There’s no one to celebrate your accomplishments or offer supportive words when you’re stressed. It’s that realization that causes you to wonder what you did wrong and how this could have been avoided. You want to get a tattoo that says, “don’t fall in love,it’s a trap.” 

The first week is the hardest. Day 1 complete, 6 more to go