I have to admit that so far I’ve had fairly positive experiences with guys (fingers crossed). I’ve stayed away from the jerks and cut off the users and manipulators before they could strike. But since this recent interaction I’ve realized some things. Knowing and interacting with a lot of good men raises your standards. I expect more because I’ve seen more. I’m still learning that every great guy isn’t always going to be great for me long term. Even with a terrific work ethic and personality. It’s a hard reality for someone who hates small talk and would much rather jump into deep thoughtful vulnerable conversations. You find yourself missing things that you don’t remember noticing. Having something that I wanted for a decade snatched away after a few weeks was disappointing. Maybe the emotional equivalent of giving someone dying of thirst a cup of water and denying them any subsequent refills. It just sucks. On to the next I suppose.