Not too long ago, someone I was close to said I was an anxious person. So not true. I’m the one that solves problems, I’m cool and collected and I’m rarely flustered. But then I started to actually notice the way that I worry at times about the most mundane things. I’m known to double check all hair products to make sure they are unplugged before leaving the house. More recently, I realized how easy it is to jump to conclusions or worry about something that I can’t control. I don’t get a reply to a text and suddenly the person doesnt like me or is laying in a hospital somewhere. Of course the above could be true but it’s not really that likely. Anxiety feels like a rock in the pit of my stomach that is hard to think away. It’s not always logical but I’ve learned that distracting myself helps a lot. Taking some deep breaths and listening to some IDGAF songs can be lifesaving as well. I’ve always said that it’s a curse and a blessing to feel things so deeply. I can’t save everyone and do everything. I can only do my best and leave it at that. This would be the perfect opportunity for a significant other to be reassuring. Definitely a downside of being (seemingly) chronically single.