I’ve been following a very tragic case in the news lately about a mother of three in Seattle who went missing. Reports said that she had gone on a date to a baseball game with a guy she met online and had not been heard from since. She was a nurse with three beautiful children who disappearance raised immediate concerns because it was so unlike her to be gone without telling anyone. The story took an even sadder turn when body parts were discovered in a recycling bin and evidence of human remains were found in her bathroom. They have arrested her date and charged him with murder. The whole story is a reminder of how bad this world is. I’ve mentioned several times that I’m not a huge fan of online dating. The truth is that there are just as many bad people online as there are in everyday life. My limited experience with Internet dating was an epic fail. Ok, maybe not epic and maybe not even a fail. Time will have to tell. I will say that this story is incredibly sad and I wish that there was a better outcome. I’m guilty of having people I’ve met over online to my house without meeting in a public place first. Yes, they were screened and were nice people but it was a huge risk. This story reminded me that anything can happen. I was extremely lucky that my poor decisions didn’t have permanent consequences. However, from now forward I’m going to be a lot safer when meeting people in person that I’ve met online. She did nothing to deserve death and my heart goes out to her loved ones and children who are now motherless.