These last few weeks have been challenging but today I got some information that brightened my entire day. My guy is coming into town in a few weeks. Ok, I know he’s not mine in any way but it will be good to see a familiar place. He lives on another continent so meeting up happens very infrequently. I realized that although I miss him terribly, I miss who I am when I’m with him more. He’s the only person I’ve felt 100% safe with and who knows how to calm my racing thoughts and constant questionings effortlessly. I feel so centered, anchored and comfortable in our interactions.  I’ve never felt as at peace with myself and the world when I’m in his presence. He’s one of the few people who has said to me “I got you, don’t worry” and I actually believe him. Someone who pays attention to me without being asked and is a perfect gentleman. God, I miss that guy. It will be nice to see him again.