I’ve always been a fan of epic endings. There’s nothing like a last minute score at a sporting event. Or a happily ever after moment in a movie. Not too long ago, I was reminded of a bittersweet moment a few years ago. I remember sitting in one of my last college classes and thinking about how my life would change after school. Because it was the last class before finals, everybody decided to show up–even the people who would typically drop in about once a month despite the fact that the class met once a week. The atmosphere was jovial because the majority of my fellow students were graduating in about a week. We got our final papers back and I had gotten a ninety-something–good enough to get an A in the class. We talked about the final and what to study–I didn’t know that it would be the last time I sat in a college classroom as an undergraduate student. After class, I took a second to speak to the guy that I liked my ENTIRE college career and wish him the best on the final–and his life. I said what I needed to say without professing my undying love because it wasn’t necessary and also wasn’t returned. I’ve always found myself walking away from things I’ve wanted to keep. This time was no exception but I got the results I wanted.