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October 2016

17 Unexpected Things That Are Strangely Romantic In Modern Dating — Thought Catalog

@tagormanroo861. Having an entire dinner together where you don’t look at your phone even once. 2. And sitting down for that dinner at the kitchen table to look at each other and actually talk, instead of eating side by side on the couch while you watch Netflix. 3. Leaving them a handwritten note. 4. Or sending…

via 17 Unexpected Things That Are Strangely Romantic In Modern Dating — Thought Catalog


To sum up my year 

This cycle. Multiple times. Without fail. 

Old souls

Had to share this article as I’m an old soul and it embodies my experience up to this point. So frustrating at times.
12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Beach pictures 

Lately I’ve been doing some exploring around the local beaches. Oh, the first picture is of some elephant seals. I love California 

Real quick 

Had to tell someone today that I was cutting them off. I have to admit that it felt nice. I’m trying to not bring drama into year 27. He may not be a bad person but he owes me money and I never should have loaned it in the first place. His expectations always included me traveling to him on my dime and paying for shit. I’m not that person and it was time to shut it down. When you’ve had a man pay for everything when you’re with him or guys that are gentlemen and handle the check without a fuss, you don’t ever want to downgrade. It’s a huge stretch, but I want someone who loves me but also takes pride in taking care of me and providing. It’s incredibly old fashioned and far fetched but I want it. When you’ve experienced it, nothing else compares. 

No kids at all

Excellent article and it sums up a lot of my thoughts. But never say never right? 

Fingers crossed

I haven’t written in forever and I need to get back into it. Lately I’ve sorta been talking to someone new. Definitely nothing serious because I’m not about to get screwed over again. But this one feels nice for the time being. I actually get phone calls. I hate having to remind myself that I can’t get too involved because it can end at any moment without any warning or explanation. I really hate when that happens because it just makes it harder to be vulnerable again. But this one feels somewhat comfortable without any major commitment. There’s so much going on in my life and I need to figure out my next steps.  While I would love to make those kind of decisions with a significant other, it’s just not going to happen at this point. We’ll see what happens but I’m not holding my breath by any means.

Money money 

I’m typically a fairly generous person. I think it’s important to help others if you can but I have to admit that I was taken aback when a casual acquaintance asked me for $3500 this week. I was told that the money would go to fund a super bowl party next year and that my contribution would prove my loyalty. I’m kinda weird with money and after a $100 mistake I give it as a gift or I don’t loan it at all. The funny thing was that this individual had done absolutely nothing to show that he was going to do something productive with my money. I formed a very curt reply that let him know that it wasn’t going to happen and as expected he wasn’t happy. But let’s be real, I’ve never met him in person and I literally know nothing about him that would prove he would be capable of returning my money. I’m not ready to lose that much. 

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