There’s always those times where you just want to burst into gut-wrenching tears but you’re in a public place so you hold it together. This week has been difficult because I’m pretty sure I just got dropped by someone I genuinely liked. Again. While two months isn’t a long time, I get attached somewhat easily when I’ve known the person for years. We had reconnected and things were going well. Nothing heavy or defined. Just cool. So in all honesty he doesn’t owe me anything. He didn’t make promises or tell me anything future oriented. I just wish I knew why. I guess I’ll never know but it sure sucks to be dropped out of seemingly thin air. Like that breakup earlier this year when he dumped me right after swearing everything was fine between us. Maybe that’s why I have major trust issues and vulnerability is hella hard. This year has been filled with major heartbreaks and then smaller ones in between. And I’m the common denominator. It’s obvious that I’m doing something wrong. But I’m just tired of crying and never having anyone in my corner.. but it looks like that’s my lot now. Just wish it wasn’t so hard to get through. First week is always hell but as usual I’ll move on with my life.