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January 2017

Do better 

So far I’ve managed to be consistent with excercising. It’s not been fun or easy but I’ve done it. However, there’s a different level of exhaustion that accompanies it. This year is filled with uncertainty–especially considering the change in leadership in the country. I’m reminded that my motto for the year, “Do Better” rings true. I see the importance of consistency and I want it in a relationship as well. There’s no substitute for it. Taking it one day at a time and making better decisions than last year and hoping others make that choice too. 


New me 

I decided that it was time to really get my life together and exercise consistently. I paid a few hundred dollars and paid for 30 days at a gym. Super expensive I know. But it had to be enough money to motivate me to go. So I’m on my 2nd week of 4 workouts a week. I just want to fit more comfortably in an airplane seat and although I’m not seeing huge results, I’m consistent. Maybe I’ll start actually liking it soon. I’m tired of dreading the soreness. 

2017 Goals

crieneThis year, I am forgiving myself. For all my shortcomings, for all my mistakes, for all the things I did and regret doing. I am forgiving myself for all the times I let my guard down and was hurt. I am forgiving myself for all the times I fell for all the wrong people, for…

via This Year, I’m Giving Myself Another Chance — Thought Catalog

Here I go 

While I haven’t taken the pains to pin down the exact date, I know that it’s been almost a year since I got dumped. I have to admit that I’m still not especially happy about it. For once in my life I wasn’t worried about being enough or building a life with someone. And then it all came crashing down. Shit happens. I know. But I’ve learned a lot and traveled to new places. This year I’ll try dating more. Despite the fact that the men I’ve met so far haven’t been great, I’m going to attempt to remain open. At least for 3 months. Life must go on. I’ll keep you guys updated.

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