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February 2017


I’m always grateful to visit other places and while this trip wasn’t my favorite, I’m thankful to see new things. It just would be nice to have taken a significant other.


Saturday morning 

Today I woke up to a shiny Saturday morning in Paris. It reminded me of a summer morning almost two years ago when I woke up to another shining Paris morning–next to the person I loved. It was the happiest and yet one of the saddest moments of my life as I realized that love doesn’t conquer all and that I would never have him. What we had was genuine and true but it wasn’t meant to be. I cried silently as I watched him sleep peacefully. And I wished that I had more time with him. But I was also happy for the time I had. It was a moment of sheer joy and deep pain simultaneously and I had never experienced that. And since that moment, I’ve never felt that way again. So here I am in Paris two years late on a sunny Saturday morning and I wish he was here. But it wasnt meant to be. 

Song in my head today 

Avant is one of my favorite artists. I like his voice and the fact that he sings genuine R&B. This song tells a story of man in love but of wrong timing. Story of my life so far. 

My intense personality 

This is me 

Post Valentine’s Day

I did better than I thought. I’m someone who loves love but it’s always escaped me. It would be nice to know what it feels like to have a valentine for the holiday but it’s never happened. I can live with being single but it’s tiring to have my own back all the time. I would love to know that there is someone there for me because they want to be and they genuinely care. It may be a stretch but I want to know what that feels like. Preferably sooner rather than later. 

The time of my life

There are rarely times when I actually love my life but these past two weeks have been the exception. I went to Europe on an 11 night cruise and it was an amazing experience. I visited Rome, Florence, Monaco, Malta, Valencia, and the Amalfi coast (to name a few). There’s nothing like traveling to different places and enjoying great food. I learned a lot and took hundreds of pictures. The only thing missing was a significant other but that’s normal for me. Definitely can’t wait to go to Europe again–in a week. 

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