I’m the type of person who rarely goes on dates. They’re usually hella awkward and I end up wishing that I had just spent the night alone at home. But last night. So a while back–probably at least a year ago, I added a cute guy on IG and he followed me back. Nothing serious. We liked each other’s posts but nothing really intrusive and no conversations other than the occasional comment. When I moved to California I posted a picture at one of my favorite restaurants and he commented asking me what I was doing in his town. We both agreed that we needed to hang out at some point but it didn’t happen until last night. First off, I assumed that this guy was short. Nothing wrong with being short.  I also assumed that he was going to stand me up. So when I got to the spot I ordered a drink and some food and was already chilling by the time he arrived. Oh. My. God. I saw this man in person and had to do a double take. He was so incredibly attractive. Like absolutely gorgeous. Long story short, it was a great night. He was easy to talk to, we people watched and joked around. For about 4 hours. It was incredible. I love talking to people who make me laugh. And at the end of the night he actually picked up the tab and paid a tip. And he walked me to my car and walked on the outside curb. Ya’ll know how rare that is??? I don’t know why this kind of thing doesn’t happen often but sometimes it’s nice to have a breath of fresh air and be reminded that decent people still exist. Maybe I’ll see him again. It was fun.