The Un-edited Truth of Di


June 2017

Waiting in vain 

I hate being stood up. It just shows a disregard for my feelings. It happened with a guy recently who said he wanted to meet me but then never spoke to me again. It may happen with another guy this weekend. I just wish people wanted the same thing I do. A commitment. But that’s damn near impossible to find these days. Wish it wasn’t so hard. I just want to wake up next to the person I love who loves me back and isn’t going anywhere. 



Apart from being a great Michael Jackson song, butterflies are something that I want with a significant other. I know to focus on the personality and character but I also want chemistry. Someone I’m actually attracted to. Lately I’ve been on some dates with good guys. They have careers and are stable but the attraction factor just isn’t there. Maybe one day I’ll meet someone with both. 

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