I’m a huge fan of the show Catfish and I’m only writing this on here because I like to process by writing. I met a guy online about 7 months ago. He said he was a doctor who lived in Massachusetts. We’ve texted almost every day since then but there are so many things that are just red flags. He says he’s too busy to call. I’ve talked to him TWICE over the phone in 7 months and both conversations have been under 4 minutes. I’ve asked about FaceTime but he keeps avoiding the question. I’ve asked for his last name and searched the state registry for his medical license. No such name. Every time I confront him all of a sudden I’m the one who’s in the wrong and paranoid because I refuse to fly to Massachusetts to meet him. But I’m not doing that for someone who’s identity I can’t verify. It’s crazy. But everything seems to indicate that he’s lying and that’s just not cool. He obviously doesn’t care at this point and I’m not going to pursue it further. I held on so long because I wanted him to be serious but he’s probably some old wrinkled man in some random place with an iPhone. Ok, decision has been made. He’s done. I just wish people were honest.