The Un-edited Truth of Di




Funny how small things can be so anxiety producing. It’s easy to jump to conclusions 


Growing up

I think that one thing you realize as you grow older is how much people don’t need to be in your business. You become easily annoyed at people who act like they want to get to know you but really just want to know what you’re doing. It’s challenging and tough but as you grow older your circle gets smaller sometimes. I think that it’s just because maturity demands that some people must be outgrown. You learn to let people go and reduce your risk of heartbreak eventually. People don’t like to be told what to do and tactfulness can get you where bullying or manipulation won’t. 

Motherhood goals

This pretty much sums it up for me if I were ever to be someone’s mother. I’ve met too many messed up kids and adults because of mother’s who didn’t make the best choices. 


This would be nice 

If only……. I think we would all be happier. 


Following the crowd


I can’t stand when people blindly follow something without thinking it through. It rarely turns out well. Thinking for yourself is such a lost art these days.

The holiday season

I’ve been feeling some type of way about the holiday season. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the extra love and goodwill, it’s just that I struggle to involve myself in it. I love in a state where it snows during the winter. For some reason the winter is the time of year where you just want to cuddle with someone by a warm fireplace with some hot cocoa or adult drink and read a good book. Now in my defense, I don’t have a fireplace but i have had one at some point and it was super relaxing. The holidays bring up so much emotion and memories for a lot if people but we have to remember they don’t last forever.

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