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Iceland pictures

A few weeks ago I went to Iceland for 4 days. It was cold but was a great trip. Here are a few pictures. I definitely plan to go again one day.


Being the favorite

I saw this and it make me think. Dating as an almost 30 year old is summed up by this sentence. You can’t ever assume anything and people lie to much it’s hard to know what to believe. I just hate the fact that things can’t be more straight forward. I hate that I have to assume from day one that there are others you’re talking to. I hate having to remember that I can’t get attached because I’ll get hurt or you don’t feel the same way. Every time I attempt to date I’m reminded of how much it really sucks–at least when you’re serious about it. Casual stuff isn’t preferable but there are less expectations so you’re less likely to get screwed over.

Dissertation defense

So on Sunday I defended my dissertation and I passed. However, it was one of the most nerve wracking experiences. I started preparing way too late (that morning), and my practice runs were HORRIBLE. I was stumbling through and messing up my words. Thankfully when the time came to present I sounded somewhat coherent and was able to provide answers to the questions that were asked. It’s still sinking in that this process is finally coming to an end. A PhD is something that a lot of people don’t have and it’s considered the highest degree you can achieve so it’s great to have something that gives me some credibility (hopefully).It’s been six years since I started and so much has transpired. But now I can make people call me doctor :-). Not really, but it will be nice to have the title of Dr. instead of Ms…

Northeast trip

This week I had the opportunity to take a quick one day trip to Rhode Island. It was nice to have a change of scenery but it was so incredibly cold. The place has its own feel and although it’s close to some major cities, it would be challenging to be there in the winters. Side note: there’s nothing like a comfy hotel room bed after being awake for 18 hours. Pics below.

How it is

I woke up today with a reminder that I was in Monaco around this time last year. Made me wish that I was still there instead of my windowless office but these trips must be financed somehow.

Switzerland trip

Last week I had a chance to make a quick trip over the border of Italy to Switzerland. It’s one of the places on my bucket list and I plan to return when I have the money to fully enjoy the experience. But the pictures are amazing. I’m including a few.


Cruise pictures

I had so much fun

Ireland travels


A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to visit Ireland. I absolutely loved it. The country is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and the people are nice. I spent a week traveling around the country and I must say that I will definitely return. Good times!

Home thoughts

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