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Trying something new

I was recently in Charlotte, NC and I had the chance to try the Midnight Diner for the first time. I was in town for a presentation and my friend and I decided to eat afterwards. The food and service were amazing. I had the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had in my life. The banana pudding was amazing as well. I loved the atmosphere and the service. Definitely have to go back sometime. 



I loved this picture. Sums it up perfectly for my current situation. 

People’s people 

I loved this picture because it’s an accurate representation of my life so far. The one anyone can talk to but no one will be there for when the tables are turned

Writing a lot

I’ll admit that I like to send long paragraphs. I’m not a fan of being rejected in person so I sometimes hide behind words so that it doesn’t hurt as bad. Needless to say, there’s a special place in my heart for the guys who’ve taken the time to thoughtfully respond to my paragraphs. And one day I want to settle down with someone who will do that.

What I’m thinking 

I have the biggest crush in one of my of my IG followers and there’s actually a good reason. Unlike a lot of people who have crushes on followers they’ve never met, I’ve actually met him. I’m not one to swoon but I can’t help it with him and I can admit that he is one of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen in real life. Plus it doesn’t help that he’s responsible for the absolute best date this year—top three in my lifetime. The sad thing is that we won’t ever be anything. If only things could be different. But I’ll still “like” every post 🙂 


It’s so hard to build something with people who can’t communicate. I tend to be very upfront about issues and I appreciate the same consideration in return. That’s one thing my ex was good at–communicating. I miss that. Just not him. 

Pictures worth a thousand words 

I don’t know why but I like going to Vegas. It’s even better to go when you’re not broke. I’ve found that I really like slot machines but I also enjoy the lights and good food. One of my plans is to go back and experience a show that features an artist that I like. Recently I had a 3 hour layover in the airport and decided to play one of the many slot machines. I put a $20 bill in it and started playing. I was on a loosing streak until I went down to about $3 and then.. I hit the jackpot and “won” $52 bucks. It was so exhilarating. I got my money back with some interest and that’s why gambling is so freaking addictive. You have to know when to walk away. And while I immediately cashed out and went to find my gate, I was tempted to play some more. All that being said, I’m going to Vegas again at some point. 

Personality type

One thing I’ve enjoyed is learning more about my personality type. It’s challenging to feel like you’re an oddball because you feel things so deeply and can be super sensitive. I’m learning to appreciate the way that I am and how I am able to empathize with others. However it does make building friendships and relationships hard. This photo describes a lot and I can relate to it. 

Just in case you ever want to see some of my travel pictures

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