Lately I’ve met a fair amount of young adults my age who have already made the decision not to have children. I must admit that even I breathe a small sigh of relief when someone who has traditionally made some really bad decisions tells me they don’t have kids. I’m not saying that children are bad or anything, but I don’t think that every person who reaches adulthood should be a parent. I respect the people who have realized this and acted accordingly. The downside to the choice not to have children is that there really isn’t a lot of options as far as who takes care of you when you’re old. I’ve worked at a nursing home and  saw the positives of raising responsible children who could advocate when their parents couldn’t. Nowadays, if you have kids it’s a fight to distance them from the mass brain washing of the world. You can’t keep them safe and you have more challenges than your parents had. It’s a hard job. That being said, I truly believe that having biological kids isn’t  the best choice for everyone, but that maybe this can also translate to helping kids who are already born but feel unwanted. Maybe we can do a better job with the kids we already have instead of holding everyone to the societal expectation of reproducing.